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Our concept comes from a deep passion for handcrafting items of beauty from hand-selected materials and transforming them into beautiful garments and other items from start to finish. It is a very unique focus on details from a totally sub-aquatic point of view. 
  • D.H. Lovefish a personal contribution to family, mentors, and friends who instill and help to pass on a wealth of knowledge and a genuine appreciation for our water resources.
  • Primary Goal of D.H. Lovefish: Create an original e-commerce website that will provide the ultimate platform for showcasing new collections. The D.H. lovefish online platform and brand itself is destined to push forward a massive wake of creativity. We aim to raise aquatic awareness and focus on gathering resources for the production of exciting new clothing and items.
  • D.H. Lovefish collections currently produces a variety of made on demand and custom Items. The collections include beautiful art tees (some hand-painted & silk-screened some digitally printed). There are also handmade one of a kind giant squares, scarves, and printed but not imported luxury foulard (silk square). Custom & limited edition items for all.
  • All collections in this site pay homage to three different magnificent water dwelling creatures:
  • Megalops Collection pays homage to the mighty Atlantic Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) one of the most sought after and humbling game fish species. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of concerned biologists, conservationists, and anglers, the Tarpon and their habitats are now being protected.
  • Tunny Collection pays homage to the super-fast swimming False Albacore (Euthynnus alletteratus). A major species that attracts anglers from all over the world.
  • Ephoron Collection pays homage to one of our most important indicator species, the Mayflies. Ephoron is a genus of mayflies found throughout the world. they are major food sources for many fish, birds and other animals. They represent a major numerical diversity in the animal kingdom and are indicators of high water quality in fresh water ecosystems. I felt it was imperative to represent them.
  • Social Media Links: Instagram (dhlovefish), Twitter (dhlovefish)
The goal is to help familiarize people with the unseen lifestyles of the aquatic creatures that dwell in underwater environments. 



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    We currently offer three shipping options to the domestic United States:

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    International items ship in five business days excluding foreign customs processing.

    Taxes will be included in your order however, no additional duties will be applied to your order upon checkout. Please refer to your country's local customs authority website for the latest updates on Value Added Tax (VAT) rates, customs tariffs and other fees. D.H. Lovefish holds no responsibility for fees that are subjected by international authorities.

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