The White Fly (Ephoron Lukeon)

Ephoron is a collection of wearable fine art, wall art, and various accessories based on the very unique hand-printed works, by Diallo House. These works use various mediums including but not limited to cashmere, acrylic, silk and cotton textiles. All works are paying homage to insects belonging to the phylogenic order, Ephemeroptera (The Mayflies). The mayflies are one of our most important freshwater indicator species dwelling only in pristine aquatic environments. Ephoron lukeon (White Fly) is only one of approximately 2000 species of mayflies found throughout the world. Mayflies are the only insect with two different winged-adult stages and a very short life span of 1-2 years to maturity. A major food source for many fish, birds and other animals. They represent a significant diversity in the insect kingdom.